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Dark Journalist takes a looming surveillance state landscape and supercharges it with reality overdrive. A five minute raw music video overview of everything from WTO protests to bank bailouts, technological nightmares to covert financial deals, this video sums up the state of the dystopic union.

Includes Katherine Albrecht, Ron Paul, Catherine Austin Fitts, Greg Palast, Abby Martin, Rawesome Foods, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, Jesse Ventura, drones & more...

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    Wow this is very compelling I like all the action clips and the techno soundtrack. Outstanding thank you!

    • author
      Amy HellmanYouTube

      This is so timely and an important video about politics with music I am going to spread it around everywhere!!

      Really rocks and the political edge is appealing!

      • author
        Megan TereliaYouTube

        Really...I freaking love this video!! The New World Order is finally exposed at long last --it's so action packed and the song kicks ass too! Can we have more videos made like this one pleassse!!

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