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Dark Journalist investigates the controversial agricultural giant Monsanto and their so called "Terminator Seeds" and GMO crops. Independent studies have shown that these products have been proven to cause cancerous growth tumors in rats. Monsanto has spent millions in state after state attempting to battle garassroots activists who are calling on the huge food corporations to label their genetically modified food with a GMO stamp to let sonsumers know the contents of what they are eating.

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    Olive WingsgirlYouTube

    Wonderful! this is what people should be talking about not sports lol! monsanto is a globalist corporation that doesn't care about us or our health but in their sick profits on the backs of honest farmers that they are trying to enslave!

    • author

      "Yes, we scan. Change we can believe in" Monsato: creator of Agent Orange. Obama just let them walk in and take over our food. Help support Wa. States up coming "I-522" GMO labeling initiative!

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        Lynette ArguelloYouTube

        We're seeing that these unethical companies can only stay in the dark for so long while they are protected by mainstream journalists. Then you come and deliver the hard hitting news we're waiting for. We are behind you and your reporting all the way!

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