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Dark Journalist interviews privacy expert and best-selling author Dr. Katherine Albrecht. Together, they discuss the dangerous rise of the internet surveillance state and Katherine's new privacy-conscious technology venture StartMail.

Not only is Katherine a popular privacy advocate and radio personality, her best-selling book, Spychips, was a major investigation of the dangers of RFID technology. Find out the shocking extent of the technological grid built to spy on web users worldwide!

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    Healing SpiritYouTube

    Dark Journalist-I have just recently found your work and would like to say I really like the way you interview your guests. You let them speak, never interupt, don't put your own twist on things or force the guest into a particular line of questioning connected to some agenda. Relaxed, pure, clean & crisp.

    • author
      Julie RayburnYouTube

      Awesome interview! I'm looking forward to having more privacy in technology especially after all that NSA snooping. Your show is very interesting :)

      • author
        Alison EmeryYouTube

        This is the best! i'm getting chills just listening to you talk about all of the internet and smartphone tracking . I love the whole atmosphere of this episode

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