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In this historic and powerful Dark Journalist episode, Host, Daniel Liszt welcomes Watergate Lawyer and Author Douglas Caddy. Caddy is well-known for being the Attorney of the Watergate burglars who mysteriously broke into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) looking for secrets that have never been revealed, and he also represented Texas businessman Billy Sol Estes in his bid to expose the lurid details of LBJ’s participation in the JFK Assassination. Caddy was close personal friends with ultra CIA insider and agent E. Howard Hunt, who used Caddy to represent his many non-intel projects, but later lured him in to represent the Watergate burglars while keeping his own role hidden. In their final meeting Hunt shared never before heard details of the JFK Assassination with Caddy. In a bombshell twist, Hunt then revealed that JFK was killed for his attempts to expose the reality of the Alien Presence and share it with our Russian Cold War adversaries.

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    Sam PhiYouTube

    Yes you are doing the world a service DJ. I'm in New Zealand so am often first to view stuff uploaded late at night, your time.

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      Alison EmeryYouTube

      INCREDIBLE!!! DJ I loved it and I have to say this is the most intense episode in the show so far, loved all the truth that Douglas Caddy was saying and I loved that you want to get the truth out about what happened to JFK! Spectacular!!!! :)

      • author
        Mermaid MoxieYouTube

        Awesome interview- The Dark Journalist is an excellent interviewer- Very knowledgeable about the subject. Well done.

        • author
          Olive WingsgirlYouTube

          This is amazing and all of the revelations are really mind-boggling and make you really think twice about what they are doing with the UFO technology that they had to get rid of JFK, it's sad too but this is a fantastic episode!!! Thank you DJ!

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