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In this no-holds-barred part two of Dark Journalist's interview with historian Richard Dolan they discuss the curious connection between high-level UFO contactee cases and covert intelligence agencies. They also deeply explore controversial cases such as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, Allagash Encounter, Travis Walton case, MILAB and more!

In the section on mind control, DJ & Dolan probe the Manchurian Candidate pattern in history that is meant to create false illusions of real events. The conclusions they reach and their implications will leave you shocked!

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    Tam McbrideYouTube

    FINALLY a journalist not in LOVE with his own voice..Wonderful job..Fascinating guest- and subject matter..Thank-you!

    • author
      David AtkinsonYouTube

      That was one of the best Richard Dolan interviews I've seen on Youtube. I found it very informative. I didn't know that Richard Dolan had met Ingo Swann. Fantastic work Dark Journalist! Subscribed. :)

      • author
        Alison EmeryYouTube

        Wow when you guys get into the manchurian candidate thing at the end it's really choice and edgy! *Love It* great episode Dark Journalist :)

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