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Joseph Farrell: Rise of the New Reich & Deep State America
February 26th, 2016

The Hotly Anticipated Part Two Episode of Dark Journalist's In-Depth Interview With Dr. Joseph Farrell is Here!

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph P. Farrell in a fascinating look at the Rise of The New German Reich carefully planned and executed by members of a Nazi Underground who integrated themselves in a stealth fashion into the American Deep State!

European Union, Nazi International, President George H. W. Bush and
German Chancellor Helmut Kohl

This episode explores the deep state ties between the setting up of the EU and its relation to a plan devised in Nazi Germany to create a puppet federation that was vouchsafed for later generations. Farrell delves deeply into the interface of a secret government planning operations to reinstall a New Reich to dominate a 21st Century world! Through mechanisms like the establishment of a European Union, Single Currency, CERN and a Corporate Cartel. The plan got an amazing headstart when President George H. W. Bush Sr., whose father Senator Prescott Bush was prosecuted by the FDR Administration for doing business with the Nazi Enemy, helped install Helmut Kohl (who had bizarre ties to Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh) with his effort for the reunification of Germany to get underway in 1990 and create an economic engine that has now made it the 5th largest economy in the world!

McCarthyism, The Madrid Circular. FDR, John And Robert Kennedy!
Together, Dark Journalist and Dr. Farrell look at the strange rise of Senator McCarthy in the nineteen fifties and his endless supply of damaging intelligence and compromising connections on high officials, likely being fed to him by former Nazis still at war with their communist enemy, holdovers from a mysterious deal struck by FDR during World War II, inside the umbrella of the National Security State.

McCarthy overplays his hand and is ultimately destroyed, but his two staunch allies, Senators John and Robert Kennedy, take up a better cause when they haul leading figures of the mafia before senate subcommittees to unravel the deep state, black budget forces operating with impunity because of their deep ties to the CIA, as the Kennedy's realize who the real enemy is. During this period a strange document appears in Europe that suggests the war never ended and that by working within a covert system a new Nazi Reich can be installed after Russia and America are weakened from within by careful manipulation of social and geopolitical forces. Are we seeing this prediction of The New Reich come true now in the 21st century?

Stunning, eye-opening, informative, unnerving, alarming, and deeply laced with previously unknown information and bizarre, shocking truths, this is the Dark Journalist episode you don't want to miss!

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    Trish KYouTube

    DJ, You always do a professional job on interviewing your guests. I literally feel like Im listening to ANY great and noted MSM news reporter EXCEPT that you give the truth and not a preconceived government diatribe of propaganda. Thanks for your hard work!

    • author
      James LarsonYouTube

      Fantastic episode. One of the best. Makes me want to be a member with shows like this. Pass on my kudos to Joseph. Wonderful and intriguing show. Lots of implications! Would love to see all this material synthesized with help from Secretary Fitts economic and government knowledge. I am intrigued beyond belief, and really want to understand how this geopolitical reality meshes with our current paradigms. It seems a privatized military state (not unlike the Templars) exists today infiltrated into all governments. Where does that put American national interests? Russian national interests? And for lords sake, what was found in southern France?

      • author
        Lansing Street BluesYouTube

        I could listen to you two for hours. Love the rapport; love the intellect. Thank you DJ and Dr Joesph.

        • author

          WOW ... you guys always leave me enlightened and stunned at the depth and breadth of your conversations. Wish I'd had a history professor like Dr Farrell when I was in school, he really makes history come to life. Thanks so much to you both. Congratulations on topping the 2 million views mark Dark Journalist. (I enjoyed meeting you at the SSP last October in Bastrop ;-)

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