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Join Dark Journalist for part 2 of his thought-provoking interview with former Assistant Housing Secretary & financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts. See them reveal covert forces behind historical events and modern headlines. Find out more about cutting-edge topics like the financial coup d'etat and black budget economics. Learn more about Catherine's personal battle with The Breakaway Civilization!

If you enjoyed part 1, you don't want to miss part 2 of this fascinating interview.

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    Ryan TaylorYouTube

    I feel this is an exciting, out of the box conversation of the hidden aspects of finance, politics and international intrigue--very compelling!

    • author

      Hello Mr Dark! You have some great guests and unlike some you let them speak and express their ideas, which is refreshing..

      • author

        "Slavery more profitable than war" overt versus covert systems of control, this woman is key to understanding the big picture.

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