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Join Dark Journalist and former Assistant Housing Secretary/Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts in this groundbreaking overview of the darkest secret of the Black Budget: The UFO Economy!

What does the economy, surveillance, advanced technology, a secret space program, NASA and the covert finance world have to do with the UFOs flying in our airspace? Find out the shocking answer and learn about the forces behind the upcoming geopolitical and market events of 2014!

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    Jane NoelYouTube

    Really awesome!!! I just love the way you guys go after the secret space program and the people behind it which is probably the bilderburg type schemers in the breakaway civilization

    • author

      Nice video, dj, excellent, fills gaps in the secret covert world of deep politics.

      • author

        Yet another great interview. You're a pleasure to listen to. You really know your craft. I love this woman. I'd like to hear you interview Professor Alfred McCoy. He wrote the greatest book on the illegal drug trade and the CIA's involvement in it's operations - "The Politics of Heroin"- 1972.

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