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Join Dark Journalist with legendary UFO investigator and Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman as they expose the UFO cover up and unravel the COINTELPRO that is spreading disinformation through puppet debunkers and dubious movies to discredit alien disclosure via covert propaganda programs. Together they uncover the evidence that shows that the Earth may now be under an ET QUARANTINE due to its warlike stance with the development of the Star Wars Defense Systems and Secret Space Program. They also suggest that warnings from the ET visitors are why NASA has virtually dropped its moon mission.

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    Kevin StillYouTube

    Another exceptional interview. Stan is one of the best to talk to. And you do an excellent job deciphering what he says. Well done!

    • author
      Elena StartaYouTube

      Art Bell, George Knapp and DJ are the best in my opinion in what they are doing. And certainly my favorite! Wish you the best of the best for the New 2015 and another century, dear DJ! :)

      • author
        Rob DizzleYouTube

        yyyyyyah a new Dark Journalist video woot wwwwwoot lol.. i subscribed like a week ago and i basically watched all your videos already... they are good to listen to while i'm gaming.. I really like you content mostly because you do a good thorough job and get high profile guests.. Not just that but you put out quality and ORIGINAL content which is very refreshing and it's all the kind of stuff i'm interested in.. Thanx for posting DJ keep it up you will have a huge following before you know it brotha!!

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