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Join Dark Journalist and acclaimed Earthfiles investigative reporter, Emmy award winning TV producer and star of Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM, Linda Moulton Howe. In this rare and revealing, in-depth interview, she explains her stunning conclusions after years of research about what the worldwide UFO abduction phenomena is really all about. She postulates that some of the off-world visitors may be trying to help humanity deal with other malevolent ETs that want to enslave the entire planet and are also in a desperate search to save their own dying species!

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    Daniel, one of the marvelous by-products of interviews such as you have done, with investigators who are so very truthful, like Linda, is that things can be connected. But who could make such a connection without the truthful and thorough investigating, and of course the skill to pull these details out of the person the way you do it!

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      You're a great journalist yourself, btw! Your interview technique is second to none. There's a reason your guests always want to talk for hours, and feel an obvious rapport with you. Keep it coming!

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        Olive WingsgirlYouTube

        This is really an incredible incredible interview! I looovve all the info about timelines and dimensions (I think that's how et/ufo slip in and out) I never knew about the resurrection machines that is exciting!! Thank you DJ!

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          Great interview Dark Journalist, thank you very much! It would be great to see more frequent interviews, however those that you've conducted/uploaded thus far have been well worth waiting for, and I'd pick quality over quantity every time. Keep up the excellent work, the individuals that you are working with are the apex of this field of study.

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            James DigiulioYouTube

            Great job DJ, Really love the way you let the guest's talk,and your questions are always in the pocket,right on the money,Good job my friend,Linda need's open time to present her facts ( she has so many of years in research ) Linda is very important to help us understand,we understand her presentations,she has worked at that more than anyone else in my opinion.You are top shelf my friend,very excellent. 

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            You can have the best guest there is, but if you don't have the best interviewer / host you have nothing. Another home run with all bases loaded. Thanks Daniel. Keep up the great work. 

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