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Join Dark Journalist for the return of acclaimed Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and Star of Ancient Aliens Linda Moulton Howe, for a special extended 3 Hour Episode where she reveals some of the most controversial, stunning, eye-opening, and shocking revelations on the Alien Reality! In this rare and revealing in-depth interview, Linda Moulton Howe explains why after 35 years of alien contact research she has now come to the conclusion that there are not only off-world alien visitors on the planet but also time-traveling human beings from a post-nuclear apocalypse future that are coming back to preserve vital DNA material for the survival of humankind!

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    Marvin DoubleYouTube

    Phenomenal interview - one of the best and most important explorations of the UFO / ET subject I have yet seen. Like Linda I agree that the document released in the UK is the smoking gun in this field of investigation. It leaves no doubt for me that the so called phenomenon is entirely real and of critical interest to all humanity.

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      Nia the Gulf GypsyYouTube

      Only recently discovered your channel -- I enjoy your interviewing style, your choice of guests and look forward to all the shows you've yet to produce!!

      • author

        Hi Daniel.. Thank You So Much!! This Was An Absolutely Brilliant Interview With LINDA!!! I Love Linda..She Is A Very Beautiful Woman With A Loving Soul..She Is Stellar At How She Presents Her Work..I Have Watched Many Of Her Videos And Listened To Her On Radio Shows..Linda Is Such A Lovely Lady..Thank You Again For Having Linda On Your Show Again!!..Your The Best Daniel And An Awesome Journalist Hands Down!!..Betty-Bee (^.^) Josephine XOX (((BIG HUGGS)))

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          M BarkerYouTube

          Man....DJ you always have the best guests and interviews! Thank you!


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