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Join Dark Journalist and best-selling author Jim Marrs as they explore the fascinating layers of intrigue and deep politics in the JFK Assassination. Covert operations, Oswald doubles, Z-film tampering, Dealey Plaza tramps, intel agents, Oswald exhumation, Jim Garrison trial, House Assassination Commmitee, triangulated crossfire, and coup D'etat are just a preview of this stunning examination of the real reasons behind the tragedy.

Experience Jim Marrs uncensored with Dark Journalist. After viewing this you may never look at history the same way again!

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    This guy is a great interviewer; he's intelligent and he does his homework.

    • author
      Joey CageYouTube

      another great video DJ, i've must of watched this video in full like 3-4 times already, just so so interesting. who do YOU think the shooter was?

      • author
        Rachel ThursbyYouTube

        This a great JFK episode DJ!! Jim Marrs is perfect for explaining the disinfo machine and I love how you both get really into how the PTB made this great lie work with the help of the media!

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