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Dark Journalist Secret Space Program Conference Roundtable with Catherine Austin FItts Linda Moulton Howe & Dr. Joseph Farrell

Surveillance State Secrecy, The Phoenx Lights, CERN, Black Budget
A fascinating, compelling Secret Space Program Conference round table led by Dark Journalist and some of his favorite guests like Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts, Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe, Oxford Scholar Dr Joseph P. Farrell, Writer Olav Phillips and more. Together they discuss their groundbreaking questions that shed more light on the implications of the Secret Space Program, The Breakaway Civilization, The Black Budget and the labyrinth of the Deep State. Held in November, 2015 in Austin, Texas to an enthusiastic crowd.

Unexpurgated Truth on the Deep State & UFO Coverup
During this special video of the Secret Space Program Round Table unforgettable exchanges take place on the insidious secrecy of the National Security State, the enigma of The Phoenix Lights, the strange physics and even stranger cover story of the CERN Hadron Collider, the hidden system of finance that is driving the Black Budget push for advanced technology to develop and reverse-engineer UFOs and challenge off-world visitors. Startling, engaging, exciting and unnerving, this is Dark Journalist at his best, surrounded by the greatest minds on these complex topics.

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    Jane NoelYouTube

    This is the best two hours I've watched in a long time and Dark Journalist is an amazing thinker and speaker in the middle of it all bringing everyone up a level! Excellent!!!

    • author
      Guido FoxYouTube

      Excellent questions as usual from Daniel Liszt, the moderator. The Harvard education (? he lives in Cambridge, MA) seems to be showing through.

      • author

        World class panel here. Thanks for the upload. I share Linda's and everyone's frustration of the powers vetoing the promised release of the Ceres photos. Swines.

        • author
          Alison EmeryYouTube

          I love this all my favorite people!!! I love the DJ interviews with these guests so it's wonderful to have them all here together :) Amazing subjects like CERN and the breakaway civilization and Phoenix Lights info completely stellar performances!

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